The animal who waited to go extinct, a shortage of rain: There’s so much pressure always being the cherry on top (Nothing matters in the end)
Stories of surroundings interweave and intermingle, hidden away from direct perception. In the mist of the everyday, much goes unnoticed, but every so often stories link up in the chaos, and the tangled mess is intercepted

black, blue and red marker on 36 A1 papers

The silent world
We perceive the deep sea as a silent place.

Creatures of the ocean exist within the echoing landscape of water and have evolved a relationship with sound as their main basis of communication, location and being within space.

It has never been a silent place.

With this, our noise from shipping, sonar, pile-driving and seismic surveys, are disruptive sounds that mix, churn and flow into a hum, stretching out to every corner of the sea, from shore to deserted arctic. Deafening sound has now become a constant; we have manipulated a ‘silent’ place, and fabricated an underwater planet without refuge.

This work was exhibited as a part of Uncut: Seeking refuge: Fleeing, flowing, leaking in het Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.

Sound installation, 30 minutes
Wood, PVC, copperoxide paint

A Fine Line Between Love and Lust (dogs can eat you when you sleep (and then you die))
Charcoal on A0 paper

A Largely Distorted yet Surprisingly Ordered Map of Regular Irregularities: A Dense Description of The Present Day History of The Future

The universal skies have cracked open to spill out the gross and gruesome realities of everyday life, where the stupidly absurd banalities of our spectacularly short existence on the rock we have named earth play out.

I present to you a cheerful portrayal of us, them, you, me, the world, the cosmos. Step onto the satirical stairways of barbaric dreamlands in the blasphemous hellscape of ever-increasing chaos. But beware: Dread is lurking in all this delight.

This project was created collaboratively with the TextielLab in Textielmuseum Tilburg.

1.95x9.5m double cloth knitted tapestry, Wool and Cotton
Photos by Simon Pillaud