I am a visual artist working with installation and illustration. My work surrounds the contrast between the playful and the absurdly serious, within the patterns of our existence. Through returning characters I create chaotic scenes of non-linear narratives that fit into each other like puzzle pieces in a newly formed universe. This naturally morphs together into large scale, detailed works, with satirical and philosophical undertones. Other times this results into little notes of observation in the shape of silly, sweet and serious illustrations and writings. 

My driving force is the reimagination of the world in a more-than-human ecological framework. Political ecology, philosophy and natural sciences are brought together to form a broad foundation examining a move towards a just and equal planet for all its inhabitants; human or non-human, organic or inorganic. Through the eye of deep ecology as a philosophy, recurring themes include capitalism and its ecologically destructive dynamics as well as critical animal studies and deep-rooted inequalities within contemporary world systems.